Hello everybody


Don’t forget our AGM on 18 October! This is your chance to see what the staff and committee have been up to this year, how the toy library’s finances are doing, and how you can get involved to keep the vital work going. For the meeting to be valid, we need 10% of our membership – which is now over 400 – so please come if you can.

It’s also your opportunity to join the management committee for the next year (starting in October). There are plenty of posts that need filling, so if you’re looking for a new challenge, want to be part of the fabled ‘big society’, or would just like to help out at some fundraising events, come and talk to us at the AGM.

The meeting will be held during the morning session, at 10.30 am, which that day will be free of charge.

 It’s party time!

Fancy dress costumes at the ready – the Toy Library Halloween Party is gearing up to be a good one! With freaky fun, ghoulish games, and crazy cakes –  it’s a mere £5 per child, or £8 per family. Spoooooky space is limited, so buy your ticket from reception before they sell out!

The date? Saturday 29 October, 11am to 1am.

This year’s Christmas parties will be on Tuesday 13 and Thursday 15 December. Tickets on sale from 1 December.

Calling all babies!

Do you know anyone with a new baby? Be sure to tell them about the baby session held at the toy library on Tuesdays from 1.30 to 3.30, handily timed to coincide with the health visitor clinic at Comely Bank doctors’ surgery next door. The babies can explore specially chosen toys and activities, while for the grown-ups there’s tea and coffee,  and the chance to chat with mums in the same, sleep-deprived, state!

 And finally…

Thank you for all your support. As you know, the toy library receives no funding, so relies entirely on members’ entry fees and fundraising events to keep going. We can’t do it without you!


WTLPC staff and committee